a tragedy based on Pavel Vezhinov’s novel “Barrier”. The dramatic version is created by Dmytro Ternovyi

This is a love story between a successful composer and a girl who has unusual abilities. The plot is full of light and charm, wonderful discoveries and tragic moments. Their relationship might last forever, but… “All barriers which people build around them arise because of the fear,” as Elias Kanetti once said. This quote became an epigraph to the performance.

The play opened in December 2011.

Characters and cast
Antoni – Oleksandr Tymchenko
Doroteya – Ganna Shekhovtsova, Olga Korol
Doctor Yurukova – Tatyana Bushenyova, Olga Ternova
Voice of Antoni – Oleksiy Pivovar
Voice of Doroteya – Olga Ternova
Voice of doctor Yurukova – Tatyana Bushenyova
Voice of radiobroadcaster – Ievgen Onoprienko

Light – Ievgen Pedin, Dmytro Ternovyi
Sound – Anastasiia Ternova

Scenography, costumes, musical settings – Olga Ternova
Stage director – Olga Ternova