Go ahead!?

an absurd drama based on the similarly-named Nina Sadur’s play

…It’s winter. Late night. A small village can be seen far away. The stars appear on the sky. A moujik is standing on the railway track ready to die. There’s a sound of the train approaching…

Every character which appears in this bizarre and touching story is lonely in his own way. Everyone tries to handle this pain. While some of them succeed, the other goes on with his life staying lonely.

There is an epigraph to the performance – this is what says Snauts from “Solyaris”, Andrei Tarkovsky’s movie: “I have to say that we don’t want to conquer space at all. We want to expand Earth endlessly. We don’t want other worlds; we want a mirror. We seek contact and will never achieve it. Man needs man!…” The performance has received diplomas for best actor works and best debut at the International Festival “Rampa-2011″ (DnIpropetrIvsk).

The performance lasts for approximately 1 hour.

Characters and cast:
Man with a scarf — Gordey Klochko
Moujik — Dmytro Ternovyi
Train driver — Roman Fanin
Women — Tatyana Bushenyova, Olga Ternova
Two figures in black — Natalia Firsova, Anatolii Baikov

Light — Oleksandr Tymchenko
Sound — Dariya Saharova
Stage director – Olga Ternova