The project ‘Theatrical Window to Europe”: for those who are studying the art of opera


In the framework of the project “Theatrical Window to Europe” the German director Christian Papke is coming to Ukraine on October 3-6. He’ll conduct master-classes for the students of opera departments in conservatories in Kharkov and Dnieper. The topic of the training is the combination of solo arias with the onstage action. 12 students has…
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Address to the organizing committee of the Ukrainian Theatre Showcase


Dear organizers! We are glad to welcome the festival of a new type which is a unique event for Ukraine due to the presence of European critics and international theatre forums. This particular level of the festival under the patronage of the European Theatre Convention (ETC) gives an opportunity to evaluate one’s creative work from…
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Dmytro Ternovyi’s play “Detalization” first published in Ukraine


Dmytro Ternovyi’s play “Detalization” first published in Ukraine The first collection of modern Ukrainian drama “Maidan. Before and after” with plays thematically linked with the Revolution of Dignity came out in Kiev. The collection, composed by the dramaturgical department of the Les Kurbas State Centre, includes nine plays chronologically grouped into the following sections –…
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The German actor will show the performance that once received the Grand Prix at the festival in New York


The German actor and director André Erlen will show in Kharkov and Dnepropetrovsk the performance “Scenario”, which has a long theatrical history and has been played more than 1500 times since 1976. The full title of the play – “Scenario for a Non-Existent but Possible Instrumental Actor “. This project was created as “music for…
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The German part of the educational program “The Theatrical Window to Europe 2015″ with the participation of Mariana Sadovskaya and André Erlen has begun


The famous Ukrainian singer and composer Mariana Sadovskaya and the German director André Erlen began a tour across Ukraine. They will conduct master classes in acting, teaching the students of theatre schools in Lvov, Kiev, Kharkov and Dnepropetrovsk. During the classes, students learn to work with dramatic texts as with music, exploring how stage action…
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British director teaches documentary theatre to Ukrainian students


Tommy Lexen, the founder of the London BeFrank Theatre, will tell about his method of working with documentary material and will conduct the trainings in Kharkov, Lviv and Kiev. He’ll stay in Ukraine from 26 September to 7 October in the framework of the program of Kharkiv Theatre na Zhukah “Theatrical Window to Europe”. The…
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Georgian group conducts workshops on national dance in Kharkiv


The dance group “Elva” from Tbilisi arrived in Kharkiv to conduct a series of master classes on Georgian national dance. “We have been waiting for their arrival for a long time and we’re happy that we are finally able to realize our dream,” – said Dmitry Ternovoy, the producer of Theatre na Zhukah. “Zhuki”s met…
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Kharkiv “Theatre na Zhukah” and London BeFrank Theatre will unite in tandem in 2015


The project of Kharkiv “Theatre na Zhukah” and London BeFrank Theatre Company will receive the support within the framework of European programme “Tandem”, aimed at the development of cultural and civil society in Ukraine and strengthening its ties with the European countries. The representatives of two theatres met on the forum of the “Tandem” programme…
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«Zhuki» celebrate their 7th anniversary with the premiere of “The Marriage of Figaro”


“Theatre na Zhukah” on the occasion of its birthday releases a new show – “The Mad Day” based on the classic French comedy written by Beaumarchais – “The Marriage of Figaro”. “Once we had removed from the repertoire the romantic comedy “Twelfth Night”, based on the namesake play by Shakespeare, we missed having the easy…
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“Theatre na Zhukah” launched the English and the Ukrainian version of the site


“Theatre na Zhukah” launched the full-functioning Ukrainian and English versions of its site. From now on almost all the information about the theatre team will be represented here in three languages. “The Russian version is the basic one for us, because, in general, we show performances in Russian. But we are the Ukrainian theatre, and…
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