“Theatre na Zhukah” launched the English and the Ukrainian version of the site


“Theatre na Zhukah” launched the full-functioning Ukrainian and English versions of its site. From now on almost all the information about the theatre team will be represented here in three languages.IMG_3079

“The Russian version is the basic one for us, because, in general, we show performances in Russian. But we are the Ukrainian theatre, and want others to identify us this way”, – said D. Ternovyi.

In addition, he noted that the theatre team felt the need in the English-language resource as far as a couple of years ago, considering it as the important tool for the development.

“We’ve been following the European direction for a long time, implementing several international projects. We’ve launched the project “Theatrical window to Europe “. We are participating in international festivals, keeping in touch with our colleagues abroad. At some point it became clear to us that we must have the English version of the site, as a permanent working tool that provides new opportunities for the development,”- said the producer of the theatre.

The theatre team decided to create not only the representational pages, but to make fully translated versions of the main sections of the site.

This job has been done by the theatre actors.

In addition, the direct links to the social network pages of the theatre has been added to the site (Facebook, Vkontakte, and Youtube).

In different years “Theatre na Zhukah” implemented a number of international projects. In particular, the team has staged the experimental blitz-performance with the volunteers from Germany, Japan, Poland, and Sweden. The theatre also organized the International Theater Festival-Workshop “Hartenberg” in the Czech Republic. Besides, the theatre team launched “The theatrical window to Europe”. Under this project the theatres from Poland and France came to Ukraine with the master-classes and performances.