Georgian group conducts workshops on national dance in Kharkiv


The dance group “Elva” from Tbilisi arrived in Kharkiv to conduct a series of master classes on Georgian national dance._IGP3109

“We have been waiting for their arrival for a long time and we’re happy that we are finally able to realize our dream,” – said Dmitry Ternovoy, the producer of Theatre na Zhukah.

“Zhuki”s met the Georgian group at the theatre festivals in the Czech Republic, where they took part in their workshops several times.

“We are very fond of these guys, they are wonderful people, terrific dancers and teachers, and we have been trying to organize their training in Kharkov for several years. We planned a similar project in the spring of 2014, but there were just the days when separatists seized the Kharkiv Regional Administration. So we had to cancel the visit of Georgians, because it was impossible to guarantee their safety, “- said D.Ternovoy.

Now the project has been made possible due to the German program DAAD, which supports a variety of training programs and exchanges in Ukraine.


Classes will be organized primarily for students of theatre schools in Kharkiv: Kotlyarevsky Kharkov National University of Arts and Kharkiv State Academy of Culture.

“This project is a part of our long-term program “The theatrical window to Europe “, which we started in 2011. The program is oriented exactly to the students of theatre universities in Ukraine. Its aim is to introduce the students with a variety of modern theatrical culture and schools that exist in Europe, “- said D.Ternovoy.

He also said that in the nearest future in the framework of “Theatre window to Europe” a few more events that have received grant support from European institutions will be held. The training of the British director Tommy Lexen on documentary theatre, as well as joint sessions on musical theatre conducted by the German filmmaker André Erlen and composer and singer Mariana Sadovskaya.

Earlier in the framework of “Theatrical window to Europe” “Zhuki”s have organized the visits to Ukraine of Polish theatre “Scream” (School of Grotowski) and “Brama” (Stanevsky school), French actors Mark Jacquet and Gilles Sovestre (commedia dell’arte). The theatre colleges and universities in Kharkov, Kiev, Nikolayev, Lvov, Dnepropetrovsk were involved in various projects of “Window to Europe”.

The Chamber Dance Group Elva was established in Tbilisi in 2010 and aims to support various social and educational projects, the popularization of Georgian culture in the world. The group participates regularly in various international projects, including the European program EVS «Youth in Action”. It has the extensive experience in conducting workshops and trainings on the Georgian dance at the festivals in the Czech Republic, Poland, Spain, Greece, Norway and other countries.