The German actor will show the performance that once received the Grand Prix at the festival in New York


The German actor and director André Erlen will show in Kharkov and Dnepropetrovsk the performance “Scenario”, which has a long theatrical history and has been played more than 1500 times since 1976.Cello

The full title of the play – “Scenario for a Non-Existent but Possible Instrumental Actor “. This project was created as “music for the one-man show” by the playwright and composer Bohuslav Schaeffer for the famous Polish actor Jan Peszek.

The performance was highly appreciated by critics and audience, and received the Grand Prix at the theatre festival in New York in 1995.

Eventually Jan Peszek turned over this staging to his disciple André Erlen.

The work is based on reflections on the state of contemporary art.The starting point for it was the essay “The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction”. It was written by the avant-garde theorist Walter Benjamin and refers to the devastating impact of technology on art and the erosion of the ritual aspect of creativity.

André Erlen says that when he first saw this production, he was mesmerized by it: “The play of Peszek in “Scenario” struck me incredibly hard, I could not recover from the depth, which was hidden behind his virtuosic buffoonery. Eventually, following the tradition of Japanese theatre, Jan gave me his role of “instrumental actor”, including his most important feelings, and his credo of work.”

The arrival of André Erlen in Ukraine is a part of the “Theatrical Window to Europe”, started by “Theatre na Zhukah” in 2011. This project is supported by the Consulate General of Germany in Dnepropetrovsk under the Weeks of German Culture in Ukraine.

In Kharkov, the performance will take place on October 6 at 20.00 at the “Theatre na Zhukah”, in Dnepropetrovsk on 9 October at 19.00 in ArtKvartira.

André Erlen graduated from the Academy of Arts in Dusseldorf, has completed a series of educational programs in Polish theatre centers in Krakow and Gardzienice. He is the co-organizer and the director of the theatre Futur3 (Cologne), he also participated as an actor and director in dozens of theatre projects in different European countries, and has given master classes in Germany, the USA and Israel.