Address to the organizing committee of the Ukrainian Theatre Showcase


Dear organizers!

We are glad to welcome the festival of a new type which is a unique event for Ukraine due to the presence of European critics and international theatre forums. This particular level of the festival under the patronage of the European Theatre Convention (ETC) gives an opportunity to evaluate one’s creative work from the point of the contemporary theatre context and gives a chance to the best performances to be selected for big international festivals without leaving Ukraine.zvernennya

We are thankful to the ETC for the attention and attempts to support the Ukrainian theatre process. We are deeply sure that such attempts are worth continuing as cultural cooperation between Ukraine and Europe is as important as economical or political one.

We are sorry to admit the fact that there was almost no selection of performances during the Ukrainian Theatre Showcase which took place in Kyiv last December. As a result, the major part of the performances shown there were those from Kyiv theatres whereas regional theatres had no chance to take part in the selection. Many of the theatres learnt about the event post factum. Having no doubts about the appropriate level of the selected performances and understanding the lack of time to prepare the forum and also taking into account not sufficient financing, we would like to bring up for public discussion of all the interested people and organizations our propositions aimed at improving the situation in the future.

1. The Ukrainian organizing committee of the festival supported by the theatre community should address the ETC with the initiative to make the Ukrainian Theatre Showcase a priority project in the Ukrainian direction of this organization.

2. To make the Ukrainian Theatre Showcase an annual event. This can lead to dynamic changes in Ukrainian theatre process as such a forum can be a real instrument of involving the Ukrainian theatre into the European theatre context.

3. To make up and announce clear principles of the selection for the Ukrainian Theatre Showcase based on the position of leading theatre critics and performance selection specialists.

4. To hold the Ukrainian Theatre Showcase not only in Kyiv but also in other regions of Ukraine. Such an approach can help to give equal chances to participants and form a common theatre space inside Ukraine thanks to breaking the isolation between Kyiv and regional theatres.

5. To invite experienced European theatre specialist to the process of organizing the next two Showcases (capital and regional). It would also be great to make them accompanied by Ukrainian specialists as it could help our theatre management to learn this new sphere.

6. We are glad to propose Kharkiv as a place for the next Ukrainian Theatre Showcase. This city is one of the most important theatre centers in Ukraine with six state theatres, about forty alternative theatres and also two profile state higher schools and several private authorial schools.

7. To initiate a discussion about founding a national theatre award of the Ukrainian Theatre Showcase.

We are deeply sure that the Ukrainian Theatre Showcase can become not only an effective mechanism to select the most interesting Ukrainian theatre groups that can represent Ukraine in Europe in a worthy manner, but it can also become the main Ukrainian festival-contest having no analogues in the country nowadays. It can represent famous European performances which are out of competition and provide a high level of quality and trust being the event that can absolutely change Ukrainian theatre process and help make Ukrainian and European cultures closer.

Faithfully yours,


Dmytro Ternovyi, playwright, producer of the “Theatre na Zhukah” (Kharkiv), curator of the project “Theatrical window to Europe”

Olga Ternova, director of the “Theatre na Zhukah” (Kharkiv)

Artem Vusyk, director of the theatre “Prekrasni Kvity” (Kharkiv)

Ihor Kliuchnyk, director of the acting technique school “Testo”, manager of the theatre “Prekrasni Kvity” (Kharkiv)

Svitlana Oleshko, director of the theatre “Arabesques”

Mariia Borakivska, teacher of Kotliarevskyi Kharkiv National University of Arts, actress

Oleksandr Shpyliovyi, manager of the theatre “May be” (Kharkiv)

Oksana Dmytrieva, chief director of Afanasyev Kharkiv State Academic Puppet Theatre

Oleksandr Kovshun, chief director of Kharkiv state theatre for children and the youth

Iryna Kobzar, art director of Vinor Theatre-Studio, actress of T.Shevchenko Kharkiv Academic Ukrainian State Drama Theatre, senior instructor of Kotliarevskyi Kharkiv National University of Arts

Ihor Shulha, founder of Theatre Space “Svoyi”, actor and director (Dnipropetrovsk)

Volodymyr Horyslavets, art director of the authorial theatre “Kotelok”, instructor of the department of producers of Kharkiv State Academy of Culture, author of the festivals Kurbalesiia, I and Sela Bruk, ArTiuzArt

Oksana Stetsenko, honoured artist of Ukraine, director and actress of T.Shevchenko Kharkiv Academic Ukrainian State Drama Theatre (Berezil), instructor of Kotliarevskyi Kharkiv National University of Arts

Viktoriia Chernova, actress and director of the theatre “Virymo” (Dnipropetrovsk)

Volodymyr Piterov, manager and art director of the model art group Theatre-studio “Poklykannia” (Odessa), president of Ukrainian union of actors and directors of the theatre, cinema and television.

Anischenko Artemije, head of the NGO “Creative Union« ART-Theme “by” our new theater “(Pryluky)

Ruslan Porytsk, director and producer of theater “mess”, organizer of the festival “Walking hanger” (Lutsk)

Elena Ovodenko, organizer and actress of Dnipropetrovsk Regional Academic Youth Theatre,

Rose Sarkisyan, director of the theater DeFacto

Vladimir Kakuryn, Organizer theatrical festival “Live!”

Oleg Stefan, actor Kurbas’s Theatre (Lviv), Lecturer Faculty of Culture and Arts of Lviv National University

Oleksiy Wright, theater MDT, Kharkiv

Anastasiia Hayshenets, theater critic, Kyiv

Igor Ladenko, director, Theatre 19

Elena Libo, head of the literary and dramatic Kharkiv Drama Theater. Shevchenko (Berezil)

Maxim Ryapulov, theater actor “Verym!” (Dnipropetrovsk)

Eugene Syvook, actress laboratory “Nine” (Kharkiv)

Kira Malinina,, director, playwrighter

Olexander Glumov, director and actor of Dnepropetrovsk city puppet theater, artistic director of Theatre plastic forms «QUASAR»