Dmytro Ternovyi’s play “Detalization” first published in Ukraine


Dmytro Ternovyi’s play “Detalization” first published in Ukraine

The first collection of modern Ukrainian drama “Maidan. Before and after” with plays thematically linked with the Revolution of Dignity came out in Kiev.книга

The collection, composed by the dramaturgical department of the Les Kurbas State Centre, includes nine plays chronologically grouped into the following sections – “Forerunner”, “Maidan” and “The War”. The play “Detalization” is included in the “Forerunner” section, because it was written before the revolutionary events, although it had anticipated them in many ways.

On February 17 and 18, the two-year anniversary of the tragic events, the presentation of the anthology for media and for theatre audience took place in Kiev.

While presenting the book, the head of the dramaturgical department of the Les Kurbas Centre Neda Nezhdana noted that the publication came out due to the financial support of the Ukrainian Congress Committee of America, since as of today there are no programs that support modern Ukrainian drama in the country. “Modern playwrights in Ukraine exist in the role of the opposition, volunteers or the participants of the alternative movements. If we compare the situation in Ukraine with how the modern drama is supported in European countries, and in Russia, it’s worlds different,”- she said.

Speaking about the book, N.Nezhdana emphasized that it includes plays of different genres written by the representatives of different generations who express different perspectives – contrary to the popular belief that one can speak about Maidan only in the language of documentary theatre. In general, she noted, the modern Ukrainian theatre puts on “very few” pieces about Maidan, preferring to entertain the audience. According to her, this is a “betrayal” – with respect to the viewer, and in relation to the essence of the theatre, which, among other things, should serve as “art therapy to society.”

Yaroslav Vereshchak, the head of the Ukrainian Guild of playwrights, while presenting a collection of works, draw attention to D.Ternovyi’s play “Detalization” several times. “I think this is one of the most experimental and one of the most interesting plays of dramaturgical modern times. The fact we don’t know anything about it from mass-media, and the fact it hasn’t been subjected to the theatre study analysis shows that, our theatre critics together with our theatre successfully passed away. I would really like this play to be staged in Kyiv, in this sleepy, quiet, Philistine city”, – he said.

The authors of the plays included in the anthology “Maidan. Before and after” published by the publishing house “Svit znan’” are Jaroslav Vereshchak, Alexander Viter, Oleg Mikolaichuk-Nizovets, Nadezhda Marchuk, Neda Nezhdana, Nadezhda Simchich, Ksenia Skorik, Dmitro Ternovyi. Some of the plays before having been published in Ukraine had won prestigious competitions; they’d been also published and staged in other countries.

“Detalization”, written in 2012 by the co-founder and the actor of the Kharkiv “Theatre na Zhukah” Dmitro Ternovyi in Russian, first published in Ukrainian translation (made by Svetlana Timchenko, the actress of the theatre). Previously, this work was published only in German in Austria and Germany (in translation of Lydia Nagel). At year-end 2012 the play won the main dramaturgical competition in Eastern Europe “Talking about borders. Living in times of social change.” In 2014 it was staged in Baden State Theatre in Karlsruhe. It’s been also translated into Polish, the French translation is on its way.