Ukrainian dramatist Dmytro Ternovyi presented his play in Vienna


Play “Detalization” that won the annual contest “Talking about borders” was presented in Vienna. The international drama competition was organized by government and non-governmental organizations in Austria.

Ukrainian dramatist Dmytro Ternovyi presented his play in ViennaThe awarding ceremony took place on May 16 in the chamber theatre Garage X. Austrian cinema and theatre actors such as Karin Lischka, Till Firit and Toni Slama read through a big piece of the text composed especially for the evening.

“The atmosphere of the evening was very warm: the cozy theatre in the centre of the city was all booked up. The first reading was wonderful. I’m heartfully thankful to all the organizers, to Christian Papke, who is the author of the contest, and to the representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs who supported the idea,” – Dmytro Ternovyi said.

He added this is a first time he realized that the first reading of the play might become an independent theatrical genre.

Ternovyi said: «Speaking frankly, I never thought it would be so interesting. The casting has been very successful. Toni Slama recently got a national award for best male performance. Karin Lischka starred in dozens of plays and films – a lot of Vienna theatres would love to hire her”.
He also said that the excellent translation of the play makes it easy to understand for the German speaking auditory. Lydia Nagel, the professor of Slavonic linguistics at the Vienna University, is the one who is translating the play into German.

He said: “I’m sure of translation quality, because I saw how audience reacted while listening to the play”.

By the end of 2013 the play will be published with the number of copies estimated 11.000. They will be distributed to the most important theatrical and literature institutions in Europe. The next theatrical season “Detalization” will be put on scene of the national theatre in Karlsruhe (Germany). Until it happens the play can’t be published or put on stage in other countries, which was a competition rule.

“Talking about borders” is a theatrical and literature project. It was started by the Austrian director Christian Papke. Every year the contest is held in different countries. Previously it was held in Macedonia, Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Bulgaria, and Romania. Austrian Ministry of European and Foreign Affairs organizes the event. The support is brought by Austrian non-governmental organizations and countries which participate in the contest. “Detalization” was acknowledged as the best play among more than 50 dramatic compositions. The decision of the jury was unanimous.

Dmytro Ternovyi started writing dramatic compositions in his student days. He graduated the V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University. He worked much as a journalist collaborating with the prominent national Ukrainian mass media. In 2006 he and his wife Olga Ternova created “Teatre na Zhukah”. He also plays in some stagings. In 2010 he got back to writing. Recently he wrote a couple of plays and dramatizations. Some of them were put on stage at the “Theatre na Zhukah”.