Poland theatre “Brama” will debut in Ukraine


The unusual drama and musical theatre from Poland, which has traveled many countries, will debut in Ukraine.

Poland theatre “Brama” will debut in UkraineTheatre “Brama” is invited by “Theatre na Zhukah” that organizes Ukraine-Poland education and cultural projects in order to introduce Poland theatrical tradition to Ukraine. It is commonly known that Poland actors and directors greatly influenced modern European theatre.

This is not a commercial project. It is supported by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of the Republic of Poland, Adam Mickiewicz Institute, and Polish Institute in Kiev. Consulate-General of the Republic of Poland in Kharkov and National University «Yaroslav the Wise Law Academy of Ukraine» also helped to carry out the project.

Producer of the “Theatre na Zhukah” Dmytro Ternovyi said: “We watched the play “Emotion in Sound” at the theatre festival in Poland. This performance left us breathless, so we invited actors to share their gift with Ukrainian theatre-goers. That’s how our dreams became reality”.
He added that “this performance” breaks down the usual image of Poland theatre as rough, social and provocative.

“Emotions in Sound” is a wonderful and stunning performance. The actors play, sing and dance. Moreover, there is a dramatic component. The performance is based on ethnical songs of different regions, such as Scandinavian countries, South-Eastern Europe, Armenia, Georgia, Spain, and Ukraine,” – said Dmytro Ternovyi.

He continues: “This is the second year in a row that we invite Poland theatres to Ukraine. They perform and hold master-classes. This is the way we crack open the theatrical window to Europe”.
He also added that now that “Brama” travels to Ukraine more people will be able to enjoy their performances.

Last year Poland Theatre “Krzyk” performed at the stage of “Theatre na Zhukah”. This time “Brama” will perform in several spaces, such as National University «Yaroslav the Wise Law Academy of Ukraine» and Youth Drama Theatre. We are also grateful to the Theatre “Dah”, which gave us their space, so “Brama” will perform in the capital of Ukraine”, – said Ternovyi.

On April 2 “Brama” will show “Emotion in Sound” in Kiev. They will perform in Kharkov on April 3-6 on the small stage of the Student Palace National University «Yaroslav the Wise Law Academy of Ukraine». They will show performance “We”.

Moreover “Brama” will hold master-classes for students of the theatrical institutes. On April 2 they will teach at The National University of theatre, cinema and television of Karpenko-Kary, and on the April 5 they will visit Kharkiv State Kotlyarevsky University of Arts.

Brama (Goleniow) is a non-governmental theatre which represents the alternative theatrical movement. Last year they marked their 15th anniversary. The troupe performed in almost two dozen countries, such as Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Norway, Lithuania, Latvia, Spain, Scotland, USA, Peru, Japan, Argentina, Georgia, Scotland, Serbia, Bulgaria, India, Cuba, and Mexico. But they have never performed in Ukraine before. They participated in many international festivals and gained many theatre awards.