Dmytro Ternovyi’s play won the main prize at the International Drama Competition


Dmytro Ternovyi, who is a co-founder of the “Theatre na Zhukah”, celebrates his victory at the International Drama Competition “Talking about borders” organized by the Austrian government and non-governmental institutions.

Dmytriy TernovoyThe play “Detalization”, written by the dramatist from Kharkov, was acknowledged as the best among the 50 plays that took part in the competition. It’ll be translated into German soon. There will be the scenical reading of the text at the book fair in Leipzig. Later awarding ceremony will take place.

Besides, according to the competition rules, in 2013-2014 the play will be staged at The National Theatre in Karlsruhe. It will also be published in an edition of 11.000 copies. Part of the edition will be distributed to the most important theatrical institutions and libraries in Europe.

The winner of the contest was announced on February 25. Dmytro Ternovyi got to know about winning the competition the next day. He was congratulated by Austrian director Christian Papke who started the intercultural initiative.

While considering the plays jury didn’t know which author wrote a particular text. This makes the contest special: the names become known when the winner is announced. Christian Papke said this year the decision of the jury was unanimous.

He also mentioned the unusual structure of the play – it includes many genres, which authors don’t usually mix. In his opinion, the topic of the play absolutely corresponds to the idea of the contest. “The play reflects my personal feeling of the times we live in. The events take place in the city where protests are happening, which makes the conflict more acute. The mix of genres gives actors freedom to interpret. Moreover, the play gives a possibility to analyze the events deliberately and from different points of view. This explains the name of the play”.

The contest jury included theatrical expert, the founder of The Les’ Kurbas State Centre for Theatre Arts, Nelli Kornienko, the general director of the National Theatre in Karlsruhe Peter Shtuler, the promoter of the Nuremberg State Theatre Klaus Kuzenberg, Austrian correspondent Neuer Zurcher Zeitung Charles Ritterband, and Ukrainian writer Serhiy Zhadan.

“Talking about borders” is a theatre and drama project. Authors are encouraged to consider about living in a period of change. In 2004 the idea of this contest was brought by Austrian director Christian Papke. Every year the competition is held in a new country. Previously it was held in Macedonia, Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Bulgaria, and Romania. Austrian Ministry of European and Foreign Affairs organizes the event. The support is brought by Austrian non-governmental organizations and countries that participate in the contest.

Dmytro Ternovyi was born in Kharkiv. In 1993 he graduated the Faculty of Philology of V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University. He wrote his first play at the age of 22. From 1992 to 2010 he worked as a journalist collaborating with the most prominent Ukrainian mass media (Interfax-Ukraine, Business, Expert-Ukraina etc.). In 2006 he and his wife Olga Ternova, who is a poet and a theatre director, created “Theatre na Zhukah”. In 2010 he returned to the drama writing. He’s created a number of plays and stagings. Some of them were put on stage in the “Theatre na Zhukah” such as “We care a lot”, “Plastilin mira”, “Dorothea”.