“Theatre na Zhukah” staged “Romeo and Juliet”


“Theatre na Zhukah” staged a tragedy “Romeo and Juliet” written by William Shakespeare. The play will be opened on March 16 and 17. The showings will go on in April.

“Teatr na Zhukah” staged “Romeo and Juliet”The director Olga Ternova said that this is not a classical interpretation of the famous play.

She said: “The chosen theatrical way helps us to express what we wanted and to bring it to the audience”.

Olga Ternova, who is an art director of the theatre, added that, there was not a particular decision made about the way of staging.

She said: “The idea to stage Shakespeare’s play was brought to us with the form. The material, the staging image, and scenography – everything stuck together simultaneously. Hopefully, we’ll speak the same language with the audience”.

She added: “The troupe has gained absolutely new experience. This is a significant step forward for every one of us. We got up a play with a few debutants who will perform on the stage for the first time”.

There are no seats available for the first two performances. The audience is welcomed to visit showings in April.

“Theatre na Zhukah” is the only theatre in Kharkov which is currently showing “Romeo and Juliet”. This is the second play of Shakespeare which theatre chose to stage. Since June 2009 the comedy «Twelfth Night, or What You Will» is presented here.