“Theatre na Zhukah” will perform “Dorothea” at the festival in Poland


“Theatre na Zhukah” from Kharkov is taking part at the international festival “Bramat”, which opened on September 20 in Goleniow (Poland).

The new version of the play “Dorothea”, which will be shown in English on September 22, was staged especially for the festival.

“Dorothea” is a new play which was staged by “Theatre na Zhukah” last December.

This is a tragic love story between a successful composer and a girl who is forced to live in a madhouse.

The English translation was made by Anatoliy Bakinovsky, who is one of the actors at the “Theatre na Zhukah”.

Bramat“Bramat” festival is a prominent event in a theatrical life of Poland. The 13th edition of the festival is already being held. Many Poland theatres come to this event. Sometimes there are guests from other countries, such as Germany, Greece and USA. “Theatre na Zhukah” is the only one participant from Ukraine.

Overall, there are 20 events scheduled at the “Bramat” including performances (indoors and outdoors) and concerts.

The festival “Bramat” is organized by the Poland theatre “Brama”. They first debuted in Ukraine last year, having being invited by “Theatre na Zhukah”. They made a couple of performances and hold master-classes at the theatre. Their visit was a part of the project “Theatrical window to Europe” organized by “Zhuki” with the support of Poland institute in Kyiv and Adam Mickiewicz Institute.