Ukrainian director will make a blitz-performance with the participants of the theatre festival in Czech Republic


The director of “Theatre na Zhukah” Olga Ternova and the participants of the International Theatre Festival Workshop “Hartenberg” will make a blitz-performance called “A Medieval Dream”.

Olga TernovaThe staging will become an important part of the festival involving every participant and blurring out distinctions between theatre schools.

While topic of the last year team performance made by the followers of Lecoq actor school was fantasies about the future, this time it’ll be about distant past. The director Olga Ternova follows the Stanislavski system, which she supplements with her own best practices.

The spectators will dive into the atmosphere of medieval dream, where joyful areal performances are replaced either by the intensity of battle, or by the mystery of wandering lights, or by the appearance and flight of the dragon.

The performance will include musical and plastic compositions rehearsed during the festival days. Another part of the showing based on the acting exercises is completely improvised, which makes the performance especially alive.

All the participants will perform wearing white robes. The castle will be decorated with ribbons, candles, bright lanterns (made especially for this performance), and flags depicting mythical creatures. All these features will emphasize the aura of fabulousness that is typical for this unique place.

The performance, which is meant to last 45 minutes, will be ready after 5-6 rehearsals. About 50 people from different countries will participate, gaining the skills of a plastic and emotional teamwork in a short time.

Apart from that “Theatre na Zhukah” will show its new play “Story told by a little spirit who lives in a castle behind the fireplace” staged by the fairytale story “Honey-Bee” written by Anatole France.

As it was reported before, during the festival days participants will be able to explore various theatre schools and trends: there will be classes on the basics of the Stanislavski system, Lecoq method, Commedia dell’arte, theatre of the oppressed, Plastic Theatre. The activities on national and Georgian dance are also scheduled. This year individual participants and teams from Ukraine, France, USA, Georgia, Russia, Colombia, Belgium, and Great Britain will come to Hartenberg.

International Theatre Festival-Workshop “Hartenberg” has been held every summer since 2010 in the castle Hartenberg placed in northwest Czech Republic (near Karlovy Vary). The main idea of the festival is to exchange creative experience, which is gained when different theatre schools get in touch and work together. The participants represent alternative (non-state) theatre groups, consisting of both professional and amateur actors. The festival follows the principle of “three in one”, combining several of interesting opportunities for the team members, such as trainings and master classes, making team performances and showing their own plays. The festival is an important component of a larger project on Hartenberg becoming the multinational cultural center – a place where different knowledge, cultures and ideas blend and the paths of creative people from all over the world are intersected.

Hartenberg the castle ( was built in the 12th century. During its centuries-old history it has been damaged many times, particularly in 1985 because of the fire. One of the brightest pages in the annals of the castle is associated with the name of the great German poet Johann Goethe, who stayed in Hartenberg and wrote several of his works here. The castle is actively restored with the help of volunteers from dozens of countries around the world.