“Zhuki” will open the new stage of the Mykolaiv Academic Theatre of Russian Drama


“Zhuki” will show their own version of Shakespeare’s tragedy “Romeo and Juliet” on October 7. This play will be the first one to be performed on the small experimental stage of Mykolaiv Art Academic Theatre of Russian Drama, which is currently being rebuilt.

The producer of the Theatre Dmytro Ternovyi said: it will be the first time that “Zhuki” take part in a professional theatre festival.

“It’s a big responsibility, but we feel that we are going to the next level and, hopefully, our performance will prove this point. So we consider the trip as a milestone event for the theatre,” he said.

Theatre and artistic director of “Theatre na Zhukah” Olga Ternova will hold a master class for students of the local theatre schools and for young actors of the Mykolaiv Theatre of Russian Drama.

More than twenty theatres from five countries (Ukraine, Russia, Moldova, Poland, and Belarus) will attend the International Festival Homo Ludens, which will be held at three venues. There are some well-known theatre groups among the participants, such as “Teatr u Mosta” from Russia, theatre “Verim!” from Ukraine, Puppet Theatre “Gugutse” from Moldova and others.

Mykolaiv is a lucky city for “Theatre na Zhukah”. This is a city where theatre gained “Silver mask – 2010″ (for the play «We care a lot») and “Golden mask – 2011″ (for “Plastilin Mira”) at the International Festival of Youth Theatre “Southern Masks.” “Romeo and Juliet”, that will be shown at Homo Ludens festival, is a new staging made by “Zhuki”. The play opened this March and was highly praised by audience and critics.