“Theatre na Zhukah” stages two new plays and says farewell to 3 old performances


“Zhuki” have started working on two new plays that will be staging at the same time.

As the director and artistic director Olga Ternova said, one of the plays will be staged without a literary basis for the first time.

“This is a staging in which we are interested to try completely new forms. All the participants of the action will become its co-creators. I hope it will be interesting and unexpected. And we also started working on a classic bright and merry comedy of situations”, she added.

One of the plays is planned to be opened before the end of this year. Another one will be opened next spring. Traditionally “Theatre na Zhukah” does not reveal any details until the premiere.

In this season of “Zhuki” are also planning to say farewell to three plays in their current repertoire: “Vybor” (“Choice”) based on Grigory Gorin’s play “Forget Herostratus”, “Ehay!?” (“Go ahead”) based on Nina Sadur’s play and William Shakespeare’s romantic comedy “Twelfth Night”.

“These are our debut works and each of them is very dear to us, but we keep moving forward, growing, changing, and staging new plays, so it becomes increasingly difficult to keep the long repertoire list. We have planned farewell showings of all three performances,” said Olga Ternova.

The season opens with two most recent stagings: “Zhuki” will show the fairy-tale “The story told by a little spirit who lives in a castle behind a hearth” based on Anatole France’s novel “Honey-Bee” on September 21 and Shakespeare’s tragedy “Romeo and Juliet on September 28.

In the coming season, the theatre is going to take part in two international festivals and to continue the project “Theatrical window to Europe”. Within the framework of this project some prominent theatre groups from European countries are invited to Ukraine. They perform and hold master classes for theatre students.

”Theatre na Zhukah” was opened in late 2007. The theatre team has staged twelve plays, including international performances. “Zhuki” participated in a dozen festivals in Ukraine, Poland and the Czech Republic. There are eight performances based on classical and modern drama works in the repertoire of the theatre.