Representatives of eighteen Russian theatres from Kharkov addressed the Russians: “There’s no need to protect anyone here!”


Representatives of Russian-speaking theatres and theatre community in Kharkov signed a petition which stated their position on Russia’s attempts to protect the Russian-speaking citizens of Ukraine by an armed invasion. They emphasized that they have put on stage plays and performed in Russian for many years and they have never been oppressed doing their work, no matter what was the language policy in Ukraine at any given time.

“No one ever forbade us, no one’s forbidding now and we’re sure that no one will forbid us to think and create in Russian,” the statement says.

“In this regard, we deem it necessary to state that we don’t need protection of any kind from the Russian state. Thousands of theatre-goers also have no problems watching plays staged in Russian here. Even more so we are absolutely against the troops invading to Ukraine under the guise of protection,” the document says.

Signatories expressed their outrage over visiting Russians who had stormed the building of the regional state administration in Kharkiv, and had hoisted a Russian flag over it. Signatories also expressed sympathy for those who got hurt during a clash – the famous writer and poet Sergei Zhadan was among them.

They believe that the Russian military aggression against Ukraine will lead to the results that are diametrically opposed to the declared ones: Russian language and Russian culture – which are the objects of “care” – will be irreparably damaged.

Appealing to all Russians who are responsible for making the relevant decisions and can affect the situation, they encouraged: “There’s no need to protect anyone here!” If we have a problem, we are able to deal with it under the current legislation of Ukraine. Let everyone deal with the problems of his own state, it would be the best guarantee of our good-neighborliness and mutual understanding.

The appeal was signed by representatives of Theatre na Zhukah, Theatre -19, author theatre “Kotelok”, Kharkov State Academic Puppet Theatre n.a. V.Afanasev, Kharkiv Theater for Children and Youth, Kharkiv State Academic Theatre named after Taras Shevchenko, Kharkiv state academic Russian theatre named by A.S.Pushkin, theatre “Sakhalin”, “Druz’ja Eynarda”, “Laboratoriya teatrra”, “Center for Contemporary Art ” Novaya Stsena” theatres “Mozhet Bit”, “Madrigal”, “Lanzheron”, “Prekrasnye Tsvety”, student theatre “Politehhnik” and children’s theatres “Sorvantsy” and “Timur”.

Among the signatories – the Merited Artists of Ukraine and the honoured art workers, theatre critics, the head of the Kharkiv inter-regional branch of the National Union of the Theatre Workers of Ukraine Sergey Bychko and the president of theatrical and design festival “Zhivi!” Vladimir Kakurin.

Here’s the text of the appeal. You can put your signature as well.