The play about Maidan, which was written a year before the revolutionary events, will be staged in Germany


In the Baden State Theatre (Karlsruhe, Germany) the work on the play about Maidan, which was written by the Ukrainian playwright a year before the revolutionary events in Kiev, has started.

IMG_0235The premiere is scheduled for June 9. In mid-February the reading of the play performed by the actors took place on the small stage of the theatre.

The play “Detalization” (the German version – «Hohe Auflösung») written by Ukrainian playwright Dmytro Ternovyi was completed in November 2012. It was acknowledged as the best at one of the main dramatic competitions in Eastern Europe – “Talking About Borders. Living in an era of change 2012”.

According to the author, when he was writing the play, he assumed that the described events may occur in 2015 during the presidential elections.

“The events of the play mostly take place in a living apartment with windows facing Maidan. The protest actions in the play are not described deliberately; however they bring color to all the events until they burst into the life of heroes. Of course, it had been impossible to foresee everything that really happened in the revolution days – this is a work of art and a complete coincidence could not be possible. But during all these events, I flinched each time I discovered new analogies between the text and life: barricades, dismantled pavement, slingshot for stones, armored vehicles on streets, snipers on rooftops,”- said Dmytro Ternovyi.

He told that very many people came to the presentation of the play in Germany.

“I must admit, I never expected that the preliminary reading can cause such an interest. The hall was completely filled, and after the break, I was answering questions from the audience about the situation in Ukraine have for half an hour, gave several interviews to the media. Our country is on everyone’s lips in Germany, and the Germans are genuinely trying to understand the situation and support us, “- the playwright said.

The play was translated in German by a Slavic linguist Lydia Nagel.

The young talented director Mina Salehpour is working on staging the play in Badisches Staatstheater Karlsruhe. A few months ago she was received “Faust”, which is one of the highest theatrical awards in Germany for best innovative work. She has also several festival awards. The idea of showing the Germany-staged play in several Ukrainian cities has been discussed.

The presentation of the German edition of the play and the author’s reading of “Detalization” is scheduled for April.

“Talking About Borders” is a theatrical and literary project, which idea was proposed by Austrian director Christian Papke in 2004. Each year the competition is held in a different country. It was held in Ukraine for the first and only time in 2012. The project is organized by the Austrian Federal Ministry for European and International Affairs, with the support of a number of non-governmental entities in Austria and the participating countries. Members of the international jury unanimously acknowledged “Detalization” as best among more than 50 pieces submitted for the competition. The play has an unusual structure, as written at the junction of different genres that are usually not combined within a single work. One of the features of the text – some objects like the cobblestones on the pavement, a cup, a plate, a gun etc. talk like they are animated.

Dmytro Ternovyi first tried his hand at drama as a student (he graduated the faculty of philology V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University). For many years he worked as a journalist, collaborating with leading national media in Ukraine. In 2006 he and his wife, poet and director Olga Ternova created “Theatre na Zhukah”, where he’s also been a producer and actor. In 2010 he returned to the drama and recently wrote a number of plays and stagings, some of which are included in the repertoire of “Theatre na Zhukah”.