Dmitrо Ternovyi’s play staged at the Baden State Theatre


The play written by Dmitrо Ternovyi, who is the producer, the actor and one of the founders of the “Theatre na Zhukah” in Kharkov, was premiered at the Baden State Theatre (Karlsruhe, Germany).

The performance was staged by Mina Salehpour. A few months ago she was awarded “Faust” – one of the highest theatrical awards in Germany for the best innovative work. She also has a number of festival awards.

kamniThe staging is based on the play “Detailzation”, but in the German translation, made by slavicist Lydia Nagel, it is called Hohe Auflösung (“High Resolution”). This play, written in 2012, won the main dramaturgical competition in Eastern Europe – “Talking about borders. Living in an era of change.” It has largely anticipated the revolutionary events of the past winter. The main action takes place in the apartment with the windows overlooking Maidan, where the uprising is taking place. The text contains many analogies with the realities that emerged later, such as barricades, dismantled pavement, armored personnel carriers in the streets, snipers on rooftops.

As stated D. Ternovyi, who attended the premiere on June 9 in Badisches Staatstheater Karlsruhe, the performance was of great interest: apart from the usual audience, it was visited by major theatrical German critics and representatives of different media. In his opinion, such interest is explained by the actuality of the text, the increased interest in Ukraine, as well as by the fact that this is the first staging of a Ukrainian play created in modern Germany in many years.

According to D. Ternovyi, the production was warmly welcomed by the audience. “People rose in applause, the actors returned to the stage to be recognized by the audience more than a dozen times, and the majority of the audience participated in the discussion that took place after the performance,” – said the playwright.

Speaking about his impressions of the performance, he expressed his gratitude to everybody who created the staging: “I know that the play is difficult for the actors, because they have to “jump” from one genre to another, but this is a thing which makes it interesting. I think that Mina with actors created a very interesting staging: there are a lot of unexpected decisions in the play, excellent acting performances, and also the very strong, touching final has been found.”

“He also paid attention to the work of the scene-designer Jorge Enrique Caro: «Lovely, very effective set design accurately reproduces the image of the performance.”

“I had been waiting for this event for a long time, and these were the memorable and happy days. The premiere day was also important for me, because since then all copyright restrictions with regard to the play have been removed. After the premiere in Germany the organizers of the dramatic contest have confirmed to me that the strict embargo on other productions of “Detalization” was removed,” – he said.

According to the contest “Talking about borders. Living in an era of change”, the text of the play-winner cannot be printed and the play cannot be staged anywhere until 11 thousand copies of the text is issued in Austria and in Germany. At present, both these conditions are fulfilled.

“Of course, I really want “Detalization” to be staged in Ukraine, but for now we’re considering to show the German staging in several cities of our country. And of course, we are all waiting for the reaction of German critics to this event,” – said D.Ternovyi.