The main German theatre magazine published “Detalization”


tenovoiThe main German theatre magazine “Theater heute” (“Theatre Today”) in its latest issue of the August-September published the full text of the play “Detalization”, written by the Ukrainian playwright Dmitro Ternovyj.

The monthly magazine with a circulation of 15 thousand copies regularly publishes in German the most interesting works of the world modern drama in the form of inserts into the edition. The magazine has been issued since 1960 and is considered to be the most influential professional issue in the German-speaking world. It’s also a founder of the major theatre awards in Germany.

Also in “Theater heute” the long article was released written by the editor France Ville (Franz Wille), who attended the June premiere based on “Detalization” in Karlsruhe and interviewed D. Ternovyi (the translation of the full text of the article “The Dream about Maydan” can be found in the section “Publications” in Russian).

F. Ville notes that in the play, that was written a year before the revolution, the playwright had “mysteriously overtook reality, anticipating the events on Maydan.”

“With all the enthusiasm from Euromaydan there’s a strange feeling arising that reality is catching up with the play and the events are taking place one after the other as it had been written in it. Suddenly, the fantasy has become a document that put into writing the part of European history at its turning point, “- he wrote.

Noting that the genre of “Detailization” is constantly and consistently changing, he links it to the circumstances of life of Ukrainians: “From the boulevard comedy, through the rebellion of objects in the spirit of Kafka, to the naturalistic image of departmental dictatorship – in order to make a tragedy from melodrama: the picture of reality that all the time spontaneously, may change its appearance. Generation of Ternovyi, Ukrainians who are a little over forty, have experienced at their native country a set of realities. From the post-Soviet depression and hopes for the new government, from the triumph of the Orange Revolution and the rollback under Yanukovych to Euromaydan which again makes everything possible and at the same time brings with it many risks”.

“At the same time, the author criticizes the staging: “The director Mina Salefur and her scenographer  Jorge Enrique Caro made ​​from the “Detalization” a funny revolutionary tourist staging, in which actors “who are behind grimacing masks in the spirit of fun children’s theatre have fun during all five acts of staging, and all this safely gets along with bright director’s crackers and graceful operetta policeman”.

“Premiere in Karlsruhe hit the mark. In this regard, Dmitro Ternovyi is out of luck, “- he says, at the same time noting that the play, which could “fly pass the theater” or “fade away in a small private Ukrainian theatre”, today, due to dramaturgical competition, has been put into “orbit of the West”.

The play “Detalization” which in German translation made by Lydia Nagel received the name “Hohe Auflösung” (“High Resolution”), was written in 2012. It won the main dramaturgical competition in Eastern Europe “Talking about borders. Living in an era of change”. In Austria, the work is published as a brochure with a circulation of 11 thousand copies. On June 9 “Hohe Auflösung” was premiered in Baden State Theatre Karlsruhe, becoming part of its repertoire.

The idea of ​​the contest “Talking about borders” for Eastern European States was proposed in 2004 by the Austrian director Christian Papke. Each year the competition is held in a different country. It is organized by the Austrian Federal Ministry for European and International Affairs, with the support of a number of non-governmental institutions in Austria and in the countries participating in the competition. In Ukraine, the competition was held in 2012 with the support of the Austrian Cultural Forum.

Dmytro Ternovyi tried his hand at drama for the first time while being a student. He graduated V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University, the faculty of philology. For many years he worked as a journalist, collaborating with leading national media in Ukraine. In 2006, together with his wife, poet and director, Olga Ternova he created Theatre na Zhukah, he’s been a producer and actor there. In 2010 he returned to the drama and recently wrote a number of plays and skits, some of which are included in the repertoire of the Theatre na Zhukah.