Kharkiv theatres to start charity marathon


The charity theatrical marathon “Nebayduzhіst” aimed to help people affected by the military actions started in Kharkiv.

12 theatre troupes and one circus studio initiated the action. The participants of the marathon hope to be joined by other theatres in the city, including the state ones in order to increase the amount of aid.involvement2

The prominent non-state Kharksv theatres participate in the marathon, such as “Prekrasnye cvety”, “Theatre na Zhukah”, “Timur”, “P.S.”, “Kotelok”, theatre workshop “Vinora”, theatre “Mozhet byt’”, “Teatr 19″, “Arabeski”, the Centre of Contemporary Art “Novaja scena”, “Sakhalin”, “Madrigal” and the circus art studio “Staryj cirk”.

Each of them will show one or several performances; all the funds raised will be directed to charity. After the performances it is planned to organize the fundraising, as well as charity sale of various handmade souvenirs.

The participants of the marathon have agreed to donate all the finds raised for the purposes of buying warm clothes for the refugees, medicines for the wounded and protective equipment for soldiers.

In total starting from mid-September and ending late October the participants will show 17 different performances.

The action started on September 14 with the new performance “Ex Nihil” staged by “Theatre na Zhukah”. The final performance, according to the current plans, will be the play “Northern Lights”, staged by theatre “Kotelok”, that will be shown on October 23.

The poster of the marathon (designed by Sergey Chebotarev) can be found here.