Kharkiv theatres to start charity marathon


The charity theatrical marathon “Nebayduzhіst” aimed to help people affected by the military actions started in Kharkiv. 12 theatre troupes and one circus studio initiated the action. The participants of the marathon hope to be joined by other theatres in the city, including the state ones in order to increase the amount of aid. The…
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The main German theatre magazine published “Detalization”


The main German theatre magazine “Theater heute” (“Theatre Today”) in its latest issue of the August-September published the full text of the play “Detalization”, written by the Ukrainian playwright Dmitro Ternovyj. The monthly magazine with a circulation of 15 thousand copies regularly publishes in German the most interesting works of the world modern drama in…
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German theatre critics praised the Ukrainian play and the staging “Hohe Auflösung”


The performance of the Baden State Theatre “Hohe Auflösung” (“High Resolution”), based on a play written by one of the founders of “Theatre na Zhukah” Dmytro Ternovyi, was praised by critics in Germany. Last week, the main German-speaking theatre web portal, which illuminates the theatrical life in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, included this staging…
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Dmitrо Ternovyi’s play staged at the Baden State Theatre


The play written by Dmitrо Ternovyi, who is the producer, the actor and one of the founders of the “Theatre na Zhukah” in Kharkov, was premiered at the Baden State Theatre (Karlsruhe, Germany). The performance was staged by Mina Salehpour. A few months ago she was awarded “Faust” – one of the highest theatrical awards…
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The play about Maidan, which was written a year before the revolutionary events, will be staged in Germany


In the Baden State Theatre (Karlsruhe, Germany) the work on the play about Maidan, which was written by the Ukrainian playwright a year before the revolutionary events in Kiev, has started. The premiere is scheduled for June 9. In mid-February the reading of the play performed by the actors took place on the small stage…
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Representatives of eighteen Russian theatres from Kharkov addressed the Russians: “There’s no need to protect anyone here!”


Representatives of Russian-speaking theatres and theatre community in Kharkov signed a petition which stated their position on Russia’s attempts to protect the Russian-speaking citizens of Ukraine by an armed invasion. They emphasized that they have put on stage plays and performed in Russian for many years and they have never been oppressed doing their work,…
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“Zhuki” will open the new stage of the Mykolaiv Academic Theatre of Russian Drama


“Zhuki” will show their own version of Shakespeare’s tragedy “Romeo and Juliet” on October 7. This play will be the first one to be performed on the small experimental stage of Mykolaiv Art Academic Theatre of Russian Drama, which is currently being rebuilt. The producer of the Theatre Dmytro Ternovyi said: it will be the…
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“Theatre na Zhukah” stages two new plays and says farewell to 3 old performances


IMGP7367_novyj razmer
“Zhuki” have started working on two new plays that will be staging at the same time. As the director and artistic director Olga Ternova said, one of the plays will be staged without a literary basis for the first time. “This is a staging in which we are interested to try completely new forms. All…
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Ukrainian dramatist Dmytro Ternovyi presented his play in Vienna


В столице  Австрии состоялась презентация  пьесы украинского драматурга Дмитрия Тернового
Play “Detalization” that won the annual contest “Talking about borders” was presented in Vienna. The international drama competition was organized by government and non-governmental organizations in Austria. The awarding ceremony took place on May 16 in the chamber theatre Garage X. Austrian cinema and theatre actors such as Karin Lischka, Till Firit and Toni Slama…
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Poland theatre “Brama” will debut in Ukraine


The unusual drama and musical theatre from Poland, which has traveled many countries, will debut in Ukraine. Theatre “Brama” is invited by “Theatre na Zhukah” that organizes Ukraine-Poland education and cultural projects in order to introduce Poland theatrical tradition to Ukraine. It is commonly known that Poland actors and directors greatly influenced modern European theatre.…
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