French actors crack open a “Theatrical Window to Europe” for Ukrainians


комедия Дель Арте
French actors Marc Jaquet and Gil Sauvectre will hold master-classes on commedia dell’arte for the university students who study acting in Kharkov, Nikolayev and Kiev. Their visit to Ukraine is a part of the project called “Theatrical Window to Europe” started 2 years ago by “Theatre na Zhukah”. The producer of the “Theatre na Zhukah”…
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“Theatre na Zhukah” staged “Romeo and Juliet”


Ромео и Джульетта
“Theatre na Zhukah” staged a tragedy “Romeo and Juliet” written by William Shakespeare. The play will be opened on March 16 and 17. The showings will go on in April. The director Olga Ternova said that this is not a classical interpretation of the famous play. She said: “The chosen theatrical way helps us to…
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Dmytro Ternovyi’s play won the main prize at the International Drama Competition


Дмитрий Терновой, один из основателей Театра на Жуках, его продюсер и актер
Dmytro Ternovyi, who is a co-founder of the “Theatre na Zhukah”, celebrates his victory at the International Drama Competition “Talking about borders” organized by the Austrian government and non-governmental institutions. The play “Detalization”, written by the dramatist from Kharkov, was acknowledged as the best among the 50 plays that took part in the competition. It’ll…
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“Theatre na Zhukah” will perform “Dorothea” at the festival in Poland


“Theatre na Zhukah” from Kharkov is taking part at the international festival “Bramat”, which opened on September 20 in Goleniow (Poland). The new version of the play “Dorothea”, which will be shown in English on September 22, was staged especially for the festival. “Dorothea” is a new play which was staged by “Theatre na Zhukah”…
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Ukrainian director will make a blitz-performance with the participants of the theatre festival in Czech Republic


Режиссер харьковского Театра на Жуках Ольга Терновая
The director of “Theatre na Zhukah” Olga Ternova and the participants of the International Theatre Festival Workshop “Hartenberg” will make a blitz-performance called “A Medieval Dream”.
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