Partners and friends


Евгений МедрешEugeniy Medresh
He’s a person who helped to get all this started. As we all know, it’s much easier to say “no” than to say “yes”. The director of “Ochag” gymnasium is the leader who’s not afraid to say “yes” to new ideas. That’s probably why he gathers around himself so many notable people. This is also a reason why when walking through the spaces of the oldest private Kharkov gymnasium you can feel the spirit of creation and freedom. “Can we build a chamber theatre here?” This is a question we asked on the threshold of the most abandoned room of the building, which was full of different stuff. “Yes, you can,” he answered without hesitation. He became the first person ever who believed in this seemingly crazy idea. His “yes” had been a key which lately allowed to open “Theatre na Zhukah”. Nothing remained for us but go and build.

Геннадий Хмельницкий Gennady Khmelnytskyi
Without him it would be impossible. He’s been doing so much for the theatre and for every one of us that we can’t call it just “sponsorship”, “partnership”, or “patronage”, because his support means so much more. He’s been helping us with compassion, reverence and sympathy, like an old steady friend. How can you measure the feeling of happiness? How to express gratitude to a person who gives you an opportunity to do what you like most? Who to speak about it without making it sound banal? His deeds speak for the rare gift; they remind us of something wonderful that makes life closer to the miracle. It’s easier to say it using a Shakespeare’s quote: “I can no other answer make but thanks. And thanks, and ever thanks”.

Барон Бела собственной персонойYuriy Belotitskiy
He’s one of the most prominent programmers in Kharkov, who has been developing a lot of well-known network projects. There is always a long line of clients trying to hire him. He created the web-site of “Theatre na Zhukah”. We may say he did it just for our good looks. But that’s not all. The famous web-guru has been supporting our internet resource ever since, and he has been developing it despite his busy schedule. We still hope that one day he’ll come to our performance to find confirmation that we exist not only in virtual space.

Лана ГерштейнLana Gershtein
This is a curious story of how this talented woman appeared in the artistic life of “Theatre na Zhukah”. She’s a painter who’s been living in Israel for more than 20 years. When she got to know about our project, she sent us a letter offering to work on scenography for the performances. She’s the one who created our logo and web-site design. Two of her works, which she gave us as a present for the International Theatre Day in 2008, decorate our audience space. Lana is the person who has a rare talent to feel other person’s joy as her own. She’s ready to support all our endeavors. Despite the distance between us she became the real supportive friend of ours, who we can always rely on.


Ukrainian Search Engine Meta is the main Internet-partner of the “Theatre na Zhukah”

Creative partners

Teatre Krzik (Poland)
Non-governmental organization “Hartenberg”

Media partners

Media group “Objectiv”
Web portal “Repriza”
Magazine and web portal “Chto. Gde. Kogda”
City entertainment web portal “Nezabarom”
Informational web portal “Mediaport”
Web portal “Glavnoe”
News agency “Status Quo”
Radio programme “Afishka”
Newspaper “Kharkovkie Izvestia”
Kharkov Web portal
Kharkov web portal
Online newspaper “Kharkov Times”