Plasticine of the world

a phantasmagoria based on Yevgeni Klyuev’s philosophical tale “Between two chairs”. The dramatic version is created by Dmytro Ternovyi

The person who comes to the theatre to watch the performance is forced to go up to the scene. He finds himself in a wonderful world where characters play games, spontaneously creating the rules. There is a masked ball atmosphere. Every character is trying to change the main protagonist’s believes, to broaden his view on life, encouraging him to fantasize and to create. Encountering every character he learns a specific lesson, which allows him to dive into the world of art and creation. The performance gained “Golden mask” at the International festival “South masks” in Mikolayiv.

The performance lasts for about 1,5 hour without intermission.

Characters and cast
Bon Juan – Maksym Murovaiko
Sharmen – Natalia Firsova
White without Brain – Iliya Panasenko
Oi Li Lukoi Li – Ievgen Pedin
Rink of consciousness— Ganna Shekhovtsova
Hedgehog – Anastasiia Ternova
Another hedgehog – Nataliia Chopik
The Plasticine of the World – Oleg Yamchytskiy, Tatyana Bushenyova, Eleonora Kravchenko
Contiguous queen – Oleksandra Rybina
Baby with his eye lost – Iryna Bondarenko
Big-head from Faraway Kingdom – Liliia Iezhak
Tzar ever Koschei – Dmytro Ternovyi
The Flying Netherland-man – Anton Sherbak
Petropavel – Viacheslav Valkovyi

Light – Ievgen Slynko
Sound – Oleksandr Kyslynskyi
Scenography, costumes – Olga Ternova
Stage director – Olga Ternova