The story told by a little spirit who lives in a castle behind a hearth

a tale based on Anatole France’s story “Honey-Bee”. The dramatic version is created by Olga Ternova

“This is not one of those stories written for cool-headed people, who can’t stand trifles and need to be directed all the time. We dare to share this story with those who may find joy in most innocent games, with those whose mind is youthful and whose heart is not tired of experiencing joy and sadness. If you are at least a little bit naïve and you do believe in miracles, you’ll understand this story, which is bright and sad like the last day of summer. It’s beautiful and absolutely truthful as well. That’s why it has to be told and it has to be heard…”

The play opened in March 2013.

The performance lasts for about 1 hour

Characters and cast:
Little Spirit — Anastasiia Ternova
George – Oleg Yamchytskiy, Viacheslav Valkovyi
Honey-Bee – Nataliia Chopik, Liliia Iezhak
Countess – Ganna Shekhovtsova, Tatyana Bushenyova
Duchess – Oleksandra Rybina
Queen of the Nixies – Natalia Firsova, Iryna Bondarenko
King Loc – Ievgen Pedin
Nur – Maksym Murovaiko
Francoeur – Dmytro Ternovyi

Light – Anatolii Baikov
Sound – Oleksandr Kyslynskyi
Scenography, costumes – Ganna Shekhovtsova
Iryna Bondarenko, Oleksandra Rybina, Olga Ternova, Oleksandr Tymchenko, Tatyana Bushenyova helped to create stage props and costumes
Musical settings – Olga Ternova
Stage director – Olga Ternova